June 3, 2006

I am famoose!!!?

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HAY I was in teh LOCEL BUZZ paper liek Rachel was:


I sur hope Rachel sees it so she will stop being so stuck up. But I kno she wont.

May 16, 2006

i saw a moos

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have you ever seen a moos????? i saw won today and i chased her all through the woods but it turns out ehy dont rilly play all that good. yuo should have seen her run tho!!!!! i liek moos but i dont kno if they like me

anyways if you see a moos chek yer pokets for moos snausages

May 1, 2006

rachel is famoose

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rose offrs advise

Hay Rachel is in the latest issue of Local Buzz??! Here is a link:

a herf=”link to th pag/locelbuzz/storie””

I dont knwo why anyone would pay attenshun to Rachel.

April 27, 2006

snowball the dog

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I went too visit snowball the dog last nite. He is oldr than I am but I still like him alot. We share alot of interests liek eating food and begging for food and making big eyes at poeple to get liitl bits of there food. Good times

snowball and rose
snowball and rose
snowball and rose
snowball and rose

April 26, 2006


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April 16, 2006

me and rachel

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I rilly like to nap. anD rachel likes to nap to. HAY Do you like to nap?? anyways here we are napping


April 13, 2006

tips to avoid catchhing a job

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rose offrs advise

i dont know what a job is but i dont think their a very good thing and you shood be careful not to catch one. jeff and jennifer both have jobs and it makes them sik. i have a naturly healthy sistem tho so i havent ever had one

remember to

  • always wash you hands
  • dont drink out of the toilet
  • if you feel a job coming on drink lots of watr to flush your sistem
  • jobs are contagus if you see someone who has a job you shood walk the other way kwikly
April 11, 2006

Rachels myspace

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i found rachels profle on line i was googling her . dont tell anyone. sometims i google mysefl. im not a narsist or anything tho.

also stop teling me im an addict im not. i like snasuages is all i can stop whenever i want or when you run out its all the same to me

anyway hers rachels’ profle. she wants to start a band. i dont kno why she didnt ask me. but to tel the truth im not very musicel and i guess she didnt want to hurt my feelings.

rachel the cat

Rachel’s Details
Status: dont know
Here for: I would like to start a band
Orientation: spade
Hometown: dont care
Body type: i have the body of a gymnast
Ethnicity: Grey/stripey
Religion: dont care
Zodiac Sign: dont care
Smoke / Drink: No / No
Children: spade
Education: i never lern anything school is for losers
Occupation: squirrel watch

Rachel’s Networking
Music – Administrative – Other
I am a pienist and gitar player. plees play with me. until i dont want you to. Youre welcome.

April 3, 2006

rachels boyfrend

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Rachel thinks she is so cool now that she has a boyfrend

rachel and her boyfrend

March 26, 2006

pleese stop calling me that

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pup tart
puppin fresh
pup secret
bad speller
wagatha christie

thats just sily. also tryangle hed. i should call you ovel hed
do you have a snausage tho? if you do its ok

January 29, 2006

my match.com proffle

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on the couch
“Rosie The Dog”Your Active Profile:
I am a: dog
Seeking a: dog
Interested In: Friendship, Capering, Walks, Snausages
Age: 2
Location: Northampton, Massachusetts
Country: United States
Occupation: dog
Education: I am lerning not to bark at teh woman downstairs
Ethnicity: black
Religion: spiritual
Star Sign: ???
Relationship Status: Single
Have Children: No
Want Children: spade 🙁
Height: 2′ 0″
Weight: 30 lbs
Hair: black
Eye Color: brown

Cigarettes: Never
Booze: Never
Drugs: Never
Self-love: What
Self-deprecation: Never

Last great book I read:

The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen

Most humbling moment:

One time I got my nails clipped and I peed myslf!!?

Celebrity I resemble most:

I hav heard Chtistna Ricci but I dont see it

Best or worst lie I’ve ever told:

I dont care abtou tht snaugage right now

If I could be anywhere at the moment:

In the woods!!!!!!!!


do you hav any snausages? or do yuo knwo where we could get som. chek yuor pokets, they are soemtimes in ther

January 26, 2006

best day of my life

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a lot of you have been asking why i havent had any best days of my life recently Well this is because jeff caught something called a job. its not the same as wehn it was all of us together . the other best day of my life was wehn they both got fired. i hope jeff gets fired soon   good times

January 25, 2006

moer fan art

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rachel the cat

here is two moer drawings scent from a reader named Little Susie Jenkins. she says theyr of Rachel The Cat. they are good but Rachel doesnt realy wear a tophat

rachel waering a tophat and playing a guitar

January 20, 2006

cat next door

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were watching you

were watching you

January 18, 2006

fan art

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here is a drawing scent from a reader named Little Susie Jenkins and I think its of me. Little Susie Jenkins says she is a real person. She is a big fan of me She also writes:

Thank you Rosie for being such a good dog. Good dog! Good girl!

thank you Little Susie Jenkins. You suond like a good girl too

December 30, 2005

my best frend rachel the cat

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alot of poeple say that cats can’t be frend s with dogs. well I say that’s crayz. here’s a pictr of my best frend rachel the cat. every morning at 6 am we jump around together like silly girraffes

my best frend rachel

(rachel has a giutar in this pictr, but honestly I have never herd her play a single thing)
December 29, 2005

I Lull the Squirls into a False Sence Of Security

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my frend the squirl

December 27, 2005

I Bet Squirels are Delcious

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I can’t be sure but I bet squirels are really great to hold in your food hole. And I bet they squeak a little if you squeeze them. Like I said I can’t be sure becuase Jeff and Jennifer won’t let me run around all willie nillie after them. If they are reading this I wish that they would let me put one in my food hole for just like a second. HINT HINT