February 3, 2012

I ride inside

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i think we need to talc

Lissen you gyus ai think its time we talked abuout mit rommy.

i herd he wants to be press ant but i also herd he put hsi dog on top of his car and drove twelf howers. i dont no what twlef howers is but i kno i dont want to ride on top of a car i dont even lik to put my hed out teh window.

so lissen i dont no why this guy wants to be in charg of ants but im serios ride inside do not ride on top of a car.

listen chek your pokets for ants.

thats just my take and im not really politikal unless you have bonz in which case i wil voat for yuo

im glad we talked about thsi

June 23, 2009

Tik Report Wiht Rosie the Dog

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Soem peopel think tiks jus t happn for me but they take a lot of hard work. Sometims i jhave to sit hear all aftrenoon waiting for tiks but they always come along and i share them with jeff anmd jennifer when we go to sleap. I am verry jenerous.

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December 21, 2008

parenting advise for yuo

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surry i havent been updating my webcite everybuddy!

I no a lot of peopel come here for advice. I have some advice about taking care of babbies since we have a babby now. its name is pineappel or something lik that.

It is okay to take your babby outside with yuo. you donot need to keep the babby inside. perhaps it would lik to go for a walk? go for a walk? a lot of babbies like that.

Also its not true that babbies dont like bons. sometims they lik bons and they are verry jenorous so they lik to share but not with rachel .she DOEs NoT GET BONS.

when the babby crys go to another room the fartheset room possibel that will be best for yuo.

also it isn’t necessary to wash the babby all day. that is a mith. but i cannae help it she is delcios

anyways stay tuned for more parenting advise as i am lerning everyday.

April 10, 2008

its tacks tiem

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well its April and everyone noes what that meens. except for me. Im a dog.

but I think that meens its tacks tiem. Alot of you will be doing your tackses this weekend. I am grately concerned about tacks. first, you will need a stick like the one i have in the pickture. sit down with the stick and bite the end. then bite the middle. Then bite the other end. Then you might want to work on the middle sum moer. its all up to you!

wehn you are done you will be reddy to do your tackses. sometiems it is loanly doing your tackses.

April 2, 2008

sock market tips

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Alot of peopel ask me about th sock market. if the sock market is up or if the sock market is down. peopel say yuo should get rid of your sock. i donut think so. you should always hold on to your sock.

March 7, 2008

focks news is a disappointmint

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i have been watching focks news all day and i dont see any fockses

I do not think this is fare and balance like they say it is .

fare and balance=fockses. so they are not.

and you have to watch out for fockses becos they will steel yor snausages and anything else you have , like if you have a boyfrend like i do they will steel yor boyfrend

watch out for fockses! never let them sleep with you. I am not a focksist i just think its best when they are not around

Anyways heres anotehr pikture of me and my boyfrend

April 13, 2006

tips to avoid catchhing a job

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rose offrs advise

i dont know what a job is but i dont think their a very good thing and you shood be careful not to catch one. jeff and jennifer both have jobs and it makes them sik. i have a naturly healthy sistem tho so i havent ever had one

remember to

  • always wash you hands
  • dont drink out of the toilet
  • if you feel a job coming on drink lots of watr to flush your sistem
  • jobs are contagus if you see someone who has a job you shood walk the other way kwikly
February 18, 2006

rosies productivty tips

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rosie's office

alot of poeple have been asking me about my productivty tips. maybe because I am a dog with a webcite. so I have a cuopel tips for poeplw who want to be moer productiv:

  • do not work wile on bones!!!! bones only make you want to eat more bones
  • some times it s good to take a brake like go chase rachel
  • always proofreed yer work
  • gmail is the best I perfer bowser based email
  • a href=”http://www.43folders.com/”>43 folders is a grate webcite