April 27, 2006

snowball the dog

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I went too visit snowball the dog last nite. He is oldr than I am but I still like him alot. We share alot of interests liek eating food and begging for food and making big eyes at poeple to get liitl bits of there food. Good times

snowball and rose
snowball and rose
snowball and rose
snowball and rose

April 26, 2006


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April 16, 2006

me and rachel

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I rilly like to nap. anD rachel likes to nap to. HAY Do you like to nap?? anyways here we are napping


home moovies too

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April 13, 2006

tips to avoid catchhing a job

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rose offrs advise

i dont know what a job is but i dont think their a very good thing and you shood be careful not to catch one. jeff and jennifer both have jobs and it makes them sik. i have a naturly healthy sistem tho so i havent ever had one

remember to

  • always wash you hands
  • dont drink out of the toilet
  • if you feel a job coming on drink lots of watr to flush your sistem
  • jobs are contagus if you see someone who has a job you shood walk the other way kwikly
April 11, 2006

Rachels myspace

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i found rachels profle on line i was googling her . dont tell anyone. sometims i google mysefl. im not a narsist or anything tho.

also stop teling me im an addict im not. i like snasuages is all i can stop whenever i want or when you run out its all the same to me

anyway hers rachels’ profle. she wants to start a band. i dont kno why she didnt ask me. but to tel the truth im not very musicel and i guess she didnt want to hurt my feelings.

rachel the cat

Rachel’s Details
Status: dont know
Here for: I would like to start a band
Orientation: spade
Hometown: dont care
Body type: i have the body of a gymnast
Ethnicity: Grey/stripey
Religion: dont care
Zodiac Sign: dont care
Smoke / Drink: No / No
Children: spade
Education: i never lern anything school is for losers
Occupation: squirrel watch

Rachel’s Networking
Music – Administrative – Other
I am a pienist and gitar player. plees play with me. until i dont want you to. Youre welcome.

April 5, 2006

how to send me snausages

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thank yuo for asking

Many peopel have been asking how to send me snausages. i am prety sure this is how it works

  • on your computer box press the button that makes the tray come out
  • put the snaussage on the tray yuo might have to flatten it a littel
  • push the tray back into your comptuer box\

Presto!i will get the snasuage in my computer in just secends!!!

April 3, 2006

rachels boyfrend

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Rachel thinks she is so cool now that she has a boyfrend

rachel and her boyfrend

April 2, 2006

best day of my life

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Jennifer and Jeff took me to the woods today and it was the best day of my life

smelly things
delcios stick
i rolled in poo
i smell liek poo!