December 21, 2008

parenting advise for yuo

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surry i havent been updating my webcite everybuddy!

I no a lot of peopel come here for advice. I have some advice about taking care of babbies since we have a babby now. its name is pineappel or something lik that.

It is okay to take your babby outside with yuo. you donot need to keep the babby inside. perhaps it would lik to go for a walk? go for a walk? a lot of babbies like that.

Also its not true that babbies dont like bons. sometims they lik bons and they are verry jenorous so they lik to share but not with rachel .she DOEs NoT GET BONS.

when the babby crys go to another room the fartheset room possibel that will be best for yuo.

also it isn’t necessary to wash the babby all day. that is a mith. but i cannae help it she is delcios

anyways stay tuned for more parenting advise as i am lerning everyday.

July 28, 2008

she is nutso bad

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she smells terribel and i rilly lik that in a persen.

March 16, 2008

today i had a bath

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I donut like baths very much but it is ok also jeff cut my fingernales and brushed me and now i am clean and my nails are short

have you ever had a day like this? i hop e not. but it is ok.
maybe something good is for dinner.

March 11, 2006

ohmygod you guys its sprign

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ohmygod you guys its sprign. today i found a ded fish at the lake. i held it in my food hole. jeff threw it in the lake but ohmygod you guys. i smel good. do you want to smel me can i smel you???! ohmygod you guys its sprign helo birds helo squirls helo

December 31, 2005

Best walk Ever

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Jeff and I went for a long walk in the woods today it was the best walk ever we walked for so long and there was a smelly thing and I totally rolled in it. I woudl like to post a pictr or a map but There’s noone here right now to help me so I hope I get this right:


UPDATE: I'm sorry

December 27, 2005

I Bet Squirels are Delcious

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I can’t be sure but I bet squirels are really great to hold in your food hole. And I bet they squeak a little if you squeeze them. Like I said I can’t be sure becuase Jeff and Jennifer won’t let me run around all willie nillie after them. If they are reading this I wish that they would let me put one in my food hole for just like a second. HINT HINT