February 25, 2006

best day of my life

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Jennifer and Jeff took me to the woods today and it was the best day of my life

waiting, dusted

February 19, 2006

home moovys

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February 18, 2006

rosies productivty tips

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rosie's office

alot of poeple have been asking me about my productivty tips. maybe because I am a dog with a webcite. so I have a cuopel tips for poeplw who want to be moer productiv:

  • do not work wile on bones!!!! bones only make you want to eat more bones
  • some times it s good to take a brake like go chase rachel
  • always proofreed yer work
  • gmail is the best I perfer bowser based email
  • a href=”http://www.43folders.com/”>43 folders is a grate webcite


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rose is crashed out

February 6, 2006

need a losenge

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last nite i had a cawf like when you get a litle tickel in yer throat do you have a losenge or maybe a snausage????? Check yer pokets