March 26, 2006

pleese stop calling me that

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pup tart
puppin fresh
pup secret
bad speller
wagatha christie

thats just sily. also tryangle hed. i should call you ovel hed
do you have a snausage tho? if you do its ok

March 16, 2006

Jeffs berthday

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Yesterday was Jeffs berthday we had stake lots of stake. we had chocklit cake to but i didnt get any. i dont kno why.

I liek stake ok do yuo hafe suom? chek yr pokets. for poket stake.

March 11, 2006

ohmygod you guys its sprign

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ohmygod you guys its sprign. today i found a ded fish at the lake. i held it in my food hole. jeff threw it in the lake but ohmygod you guys. i smel good. do you want to smel me can i smel you???! ohmygod you guys its sprign helo birds helo squirls helo