December 31, 2005

crashed out

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Best walk Ever

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Jeff and I went for a long walk in the woods today it was the best walk ever we walked for so long and there was a smelly thing and I totally rolled in it. I woudl like to post a pictr or a map but There’s noone here right now to help me so I hope I get this right:


UPDATE: I'm sorry

December 30, 2005

internet explorer vs. furfox

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Alot of people are asking me if I perfer to use Internet Explorer or Furfox. I don’t know why people are asking this. I’m a dog. I don’t really have a strong preference. What I do knwo is that if I see a pictr of a fox, I get really excited and I start barking and then Jennifer and Jeff yell at me. So I guess I perfer Internet Explorer.

my best frend rachel the cat

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alot of poeple say that cats can’t be frend s with dogs. well I say that’s crayz. here’s a pictr of my best frend rachel the cat. every morning at 6 am we jump around together like silly girraffes

my best frend rachel

(rachel has a giutar in this pictr, but honestly I have never herd her play a single thing)
December 29, 2005

I Lull the Squirls into a False Sence Of Security

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my frend the squirl

December 27, 2005

I Bet Squirels are Delcious

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I can’t be sure but I bet squirels are really great to hold in your food hole. And I bet they squeak a little if you squeeze them. Like I said I can’t be sure becuase Jeff and Jennifer won’t let me run around all willie nillie after them. If they are reading this I wish that they would let me put one in my food hole for just like a second. HINT HINT


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oops its the landlords car. My bad

ok also

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ok on top of the table turns out there’s way more food than on the floor where I usually sit. Tnogiht will be raviolo night and I for one can’t wait

last night

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hey you guys last night I got to sit at the table with Jeff and Jennifer. I didn’t want to at first but aftr they asked about seventy times or so I said ok. It was the best night of my life

People have been mailing me asking when the search box will work. All I can say is lay off I’m a dog. It is kind of a miracle that I can have a blog at all. Never mind one with a search.

December 25, 2005

Mery Christmas

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Today is Christmas. Mery Christmas. I’m not really religious. I’m a dog. Do you want to go for a walk? Go for a walk? Go for a walk?

December 21, 2005


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