December 26, 2008

post hollyday depresshun

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HollyDay Depresshun

First I at: panckes.
Then I at: bacon
Then I had a bon
Then I had sum ches
Then I had sun shirmp
Then I has sum roast beaf
Then I had cupcak
Now I have stomch ake

Marry Chrismas everybuddy

December 24, 2008

snow in the backyerd

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We’re watching yuo.

December 21, 2008

Best day of my life.

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Me and Jeff and Jennifer and pineappel went for a walk in the woods today and it snoed and

it was the best day of my life.

parenting advise for yuo

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surry i havent been updating my webcite everybuddy!

I no a lot of peopel come here for advice. I have some advice about taking care of babbies since we have a babby now. its name is pineappel or something lik that.

It is okay to take your babby outside with yuo. you donot need to keep the babby inside. perhaps it would lik to go for a walk? go for a walk? a lot of babbies like that.

Also its not true that babbies dont like bons. sometims they lik bons and they are verry jenorous so they lik to share but not with rachel .she DOEs NoT GET BONS.

when the babby crys go to another room the fartheset room possibel that will be best for yuo.

also it isn’t necessary to wash the babby all day. that is a mith. but i cannae help it she is delcios

anyways stay tuned for more parenting advise as i am lerning everyday.