January 16, 2007

rosie pome

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This is a pome rote for me by Monica Slayton. what good pome! Yuo are a gud girl! gud girl Monica!

Walking Rosie
Far from where the earth bends
Under the weight of concrete
Exhaust fumes
By the smell of
Mother Nature’s perfume
A path winds its way
Between the oak and the pine
Under the limbs
of a fallen birch
Leaning across the way
Where the seldom trod trail
Is softened by fallen leaves
A path well marked
Or perhaps not
On experience
Or your nose
Through the quiet beauty
Past a secluded lake
Along a sparkling stream
Where the birds
Flit amongst the shadows
And animals peek out at you
Where the eagle soars overhead
Fishing in a hidden waterfall
Where Rosie runs
One hundred paces ahead
Glancing back
Just to check
On Mom and Dad
Then back to the task
Sniffing, exploring
Perhaps an old log
Catches her attention
Bounding, pouncing
Concerned only about bears
And wolves
Perhaps a rabbit
No thought given to traffic
Or fire hydrants
Just doing what dogs do
When surrounded by
Undisturbed nature.

I am glad and Yuo are right to say i am concerned about bears because they concern me grately. Thank yuo. No one has written me a pome before. pee ess: i live in massachoosets. I thought everywon did.

January 7, 2007

rosie bons

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click on teh grass and use teh arroo kees to get teh bones. bons are delcious!