January 18, 2006

fan art

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here is a drawing scent from a reader named Little Susie Jenkins and I think its of me. Little Susie Jenkins says she is a real person. She is a big fan of me She also writes:

Thank you Rosie for being such a good dog. Good dog! Good girl!

thank you Little Susie Jenkins. You suond like a good girl too


  1. To those in charge of Miss Muddypaw,
    I just want to say that I’m disgusted by this self-serving website that falsely glorifies a dog whom I know to be an evil, territorial, damnable bully! She is not a good girl, a good dog, or a good anything, and it sickens me that she (i.e. Rosie) is being presented to the youth of today (i.e. Susie Jenkins) as a sort of hero. I mean, she can’t even SPELL properly!
    Yours ever,
    Polo (i.e. “the dog across the way”).

    Comment by Polo — January 23, 2006 @ 6:38 am

  2. yer right i never really learned to spell very well and it really hurt me in skool. i dont have a problem with you. if you just stay away from my bones. if theres a bone, its my bone if its a stick its my sticfk. also kids its rilly importent to learn to spel and pay atention to yer teachers or youll wind up like me, a dog who cant spell.

    Comment by Rosie the dog — January 25, 2006 @ 5:38 am

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