February 24, 2008


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Today me and Jeff and Jennifer and that yellow dog who is my boyfriend played in the backyard and it was the best day of my life.

Here is a pikture of that dog whose name is kodey. he is very handsum. Have you ever had a boyfrend? he is a very gud boy. gud boy, kodey.

Kodey can run very fast but i can run faster. sometims men like that at leest thats what rachel says but her boyfrend broke up with her i think because he never comes over like kodey does.

somtimes its hard to run in the snow because i am shorter than other peopel. somtimes kodey katches me but i donut mind

becasue when we kiss oooooh fire (i dont get that joke thats rachels joke)

anyways. we have a lot of common interests and shared valews and thats what makes it work.

February 20, 2008

new place

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this is were we live now it is pretty cool

here are my favorit things about this place;

in order of preferens:

B: My boyfrend, that big yellow dog
2. it is very quite . see 1)
3) i donut like the fockses but i like to bark at them so put them on the list. also we left granola bars for them becos fockses like granola bars but i got to eat a coupel!!!
f. otters and skwirrels and mice yes yes yes
d. i saw a moos!!! also deer.
7 i lik a nice vew and this place has rilly nice vews

ps fockses perfer peanut butter granola bars if you want sum chek yer pokets for peanut butter

February 19, 2008

hello everywon

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I kno youve been wondring what ive been doing. I HAVE A BOYFREND. his name is kodey or something lik that . here is his pikture

he is very, good boy and a good kisser but he cant outrun me!!! lol

also did you know about porkpines? i did not but now i know. it turns they arenot made out of pork at all . here is a pikture of when i found out

we dont live inthe same place any more no more lake but now theres a creak and there are otters. do you know what an otter is? i donut but am trying to find out

also there are fockses. i donut like them

anyways i am good and rachel is too i had shrimps the other day i love shrimps. also sink cheese it is wet but good too

i went for a walk in the woods this morning and it was THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE but i didnt take piktures

anyways you be good.