March 26, 2008

Kodey kolored wurled

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Me and Jeff and Jennifer went for a walk and it was the best day of my life.

My boyfrend kodey came with us. here is my boyfrend kodey .

did yuo now he is the mayor of where i live. I didnae no this but it makes perfect sents.

omigod you guys its spring

hello birds hello rabbits i am watching yuo

hello micehole hello gees!

hello kodey!

last night at our house we saw deers and a coyotey and focks! i donut liike coyoteys they are a bad influence but i love deers
everybody is out becaus it is spring

here is me and rachel napping.

March 16, 2008

Rachel nevr does the dishs

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today i had a bath

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I donut like baths very much but it is ok also jeff cut my fingernales and brushed me and now i am clean and my nails are short

have you ever had a day like this? i hop e not. but it is ok.
maybe something good is for dinner.

March 7, 2008

focks news is a disappointmint

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i have been watching focks news all day and i dont see any fockses

I do not think this is fare and balance like they say it is .

fare and balance=fockses. so they are not.

and you have to watch out for fockses becos they will steel yor snausages and anything else you have , like if you have a boyfrend like i do they will steel yor boyfrend

watch out for fockses! never let them sleep with you. I am not a focksist i just think its best when they are not around

Anyways heres anotehr pikture of me and my boyfrend