February 24, 2008


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Today me and Jeff and Jennifer and that yellow dog who is my boyfriend played in the backyard and it was the best day of my life.

Here is a pikture of that dog whose name is kodey. he is very handsum. Have you ever had a boyfrend? he is a very gud boy. gud boy, kodey.

Kodey can run very fast but i can run faster. sometims men like that at leest thats what rachel says but her boyfrend broke up with her i think because he never comes over like kodey does.

somtimes its hard to run in the snow because i am shorter than other peopel. somtimes kodey katches me but i donut mind

becasue when we kiss oooooh fire (i dont get that joke thats rachels joke)

anyways. we have a lot of common interests and shared valews and thats what makes it work.

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