August 7, 2006

it was a drk and scerry night

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This is an exrept from the book Ive been working on sometiems. Its a scerry mystry novel called “Wagatha Christie and the Case of teh Secret Snausag”, part 1:

Miss Wagatha Christie was just about to sit don and have a delcios snasuag when she looked into teh snasage cabnit. TEH SNAUSAGS WERE NOT THRR! “ohno” said Wagatha, “wherrevr could they be?” Wagatha Christie suspected fol play. She had seen Rachel the Cat sneeking around the arae of teh cabnit the night befor. “Teh games affoot” Wagatha said to hrself. Wagatha was really good at figring out mystrys. But she wishd she had a snausag tho.

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