February 19, 2008

hello everywon

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I kno youve been wondring what ive been doing. I HAVE A BOYFREND. his name is kodey or something lik that . here is his pikture

he is very, good boy and a good kisser but he cant outrun me!!! lol

also did you know about porkpines? i did not but now i know. it turns they arenot made out of pork at all . here is a pikture of when i found out

we dont live inthe same place any more no more lake but now theres a creak and there are otters. do you know what an otter is? i donut but am trying to find out

also there are fockses. i donut like them

anyways i am good and rachel is too i had shrimps the other day i love shrimps. also sink cheese it is wet but good too

i went for a walk in the woods this morning and it was THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE but i didnt take piktures

anyways you be good.

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