March 26, 2008

Kodey kolored wurled

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Me and Jeff and Jennifer went for a walk and it was the best day of my life.

My boyfrend kodey came with us. here is my boyfrend kodey .

did yuo now he is the mayor of where i live. I didnae no this but it makes perfect sents.

omigod you guys its spring

hello birds hello rabbits i am watching yuo

hello micehole hello gees!

hello kodey!

last night at our house we saw deers and a coyotey and focks! i donut liike coyoteys they are a bad influence but i love deers
everybody is out becaus it is spring

here is me and rachel napping.

March 16, 2008

Rachel nevr does the dishs

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today i had a bath

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I donut like baths very much but it is ok also jeff cut my fingernales and brushed me and now i am clean and my nails are short

have you ever had a day like this? i hop e not. but it is ok.
maybe something good is for dinner.

March 7, 2008

focks news is a disappointmint

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i have been watching focks news all day and i dont see any fockses

I do not think this is fare and balance like they say it is .

fare and balance=fockses. so they are not.

and you have to watch out for fockses becos they will steel yor snausages and anything else you have , like if you have a boyfrend like i do they will steel yor boyfrend

watch out for fockses! never let them sleep with you. I am not a focksist i just think its best when they are not around

Anyways heres anotehr pikture of me and my boyfrend

February 24, 2008


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Today me and Jeff and Jennifer and that yellow dog who is my boyfriend played in the backyard and it was the best day of my life.

Here is a pikture of that dog whose name is kodey. he is very handsum. Have you ever had a boyfrend? he is a very gud boy. gud boy, kodey.

Kodey can run very fast but i can run faster. sometims men like that at leest thats what rachel says but her boyfrend broke up with her i think because he never comes over like kodey does.

somtimes its hard to run in the snow because i am shorter than other peopel. somtimes kodey katches me but i donut mind

becasue when we kiss oooooh fire (i dont get that joke thats rachels joke)

anyways. we have a lot of common interests and shared valews and thats what makes it work.

February 20, 2008

new place

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this is were we live now it is pretty cool

here are my favorit things about this place;

in order of preferens:

B: My boyfrend, that big yellow dog
2. it is very quite . see 1)
3) i donut like the fockses but i like to bark at them so put them on the list. also we left granola bars for them becos fockses like granola bars but i got to eat a coupel!!!
f. otters and skwirrels and mice yes yes yes
d. i saw a moos!!! also deer.
7 i lik a nice vew and this place has rilly nice vews

ps fockses perfer peanut butter granola bars if you want sum chek yer pokets for peanut butter

February 19, 2008

hello everywon

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I kno youve been wondring what ive been doing. I HAVE A BOYFREND. his name is kodey or something lik that . here is his pikture

he is very, good boy and a good kisser but he cant outrun me!!! lol

also did you know about porkpines? i did not but now i know. it turns they arenot made out of pork at all . here is a pikture of when i found out

we dont live inthe same place any more no more lake but now theres a creak and there are otters. do you know what an otter is? i donut but am trying to find out

also there are fockses. i donut like them

anyways i am good and rachel is too i had shrimps the other day i love shrimps. also sink cheese it is wet but good too

i went for a walk in the woods this morning and it was THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE but i didnt take piktures

anyways you be good.

September 15, 2007

cheking in

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sno in massachoosets

donut worry everyone. i have been very bizy with many things. fur instance, i have been going on walks. would you like to go for a walk? go for a walk?

Here is what i have been up too. I have eaten a lot of cheese in this past year. i am an expert on cheese. i like a good cammembear and parmeshan or a nice floor cheese. do you lik cheese?

i dont have much to say write now i just wanted to say donut worry, everybudy is reeally good in fakt this week im at the beach. mebbe somewon will help me post picktures later because im not allowed to efteepee because my spelling is atroshush.

February 4, 2007

best day of my life

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Jennifer and Jeff took me to the woods today and it was the best day of my life

sno in massachoosetssno in massachoosetssno in massachoosetssno in massachoosetssno in massachoosetssno in massachoosetssno in massachoosetssno in massachoosetssno in massachoosetssno in massachoosetssno in massachoosets

January 16, 2007

rosie pome

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This is a pome rote for me by Monica Slayton. what good pome! Yuo are a gud girl! gud girl Monica!

Walking Rosie
Far from where the earth bends
Under the weight of concrete
Exhaust fumes
By the smell of
Mother Nature’s perfume
A path winds its way
Between the oak and the pine
Under the limbs
of a fallen birch
Leaning across the way
Where the seldom trod trail
Is softened by fallen leaves
A path well marked
Or perhaps not
On experience
Or your nose
Through the quiet beauty
Past a secluded lake
Along a sparkling stream
Where the birds
Flit amongst the shadows
And animals peek out at you
Where the eagle soars overhead
Fishing in a hidden waterfall
Where Rosie runs
One hundred paces ahead
Glancing back
Just to check
On Mom and Dad
Then back to the task
Sniffing, exploring
Perhaps an old log
Catches her attention
Bounding, pouncing
Concerned only about bears
And wolves
Perhaps a rabbit
No thought given to traffic
Or fire hydrants
Just doing what dogs do
When surrounded by
Undisturbed nature.

I am glad and Yuo are right to say i am concerned about bears because they concern me grately. Thank yuo. No one has written me a pome before. pee ess: i live in massachoosets. I thought everywon did.

January 7, 2007

rosie bons

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click on teh grass and use teh arroo kees to get teh bones. bons are delcious!

December 14, 2006

fan art

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Heres a pictre from littel suzy jenkins. Thnk yuo littel suzy jenkins, yuo are a gud girl. Gud girl

December 7, 2006


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November 15, 2006

loanly in the yard

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Sometiems I hav to admit itsa littel scerry being outside without a leesh. Sometiems I get a little loanly but then Jeff and Jennifer coem outside then its not as scerry anymore. And, sometiems we play ball!!whcih I am very gud at anyway Rachel and I live ner a big water hole now

November 12, 2006

rainey sundae

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October 3, 2006

hay! hav you seen yor shoe?

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August 21, 2006

i offen get vary excitd at brthday partys

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August 13, 2006

pleese stop calling me that

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cone dog
conen o’brian
coney island of the mind (?)

yuo wouldnt think it was funny if yuo had to wer a cone.

August 11, 2006

happy brthday snowball

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My frend snowball is sixten years old!! this week. Happy brthday snowball!! I hope yuo got the card Rachel and I setn. I cant wait to eat som beatrs with yuo soon. Beatrs are delcious

August 7, 2006

it was a drk and scerry night

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This is an exrept from the book Ive been working on sometiems. Its a scerry mystry novel called “Wagatha Christie and the Case of teh Secret Snausag”, part 1:

Miss Wagatha Christie was just about to sit don and have a delcios snasuag when she looked into teh snasage cabnit. TEH SNAUSAGS WERE NOT THRR! “ohno” said Wagatha, “wherrevr could they be?” Wagatha Christie suspected fol play. She had seen Rachel the Cat sneeking around the arae of teh cabnit the night befor. “Teh games affoot” Wagatha said to hrself. Wagatha was really good at figring out mystrys. But she wishd she had a snausag tho.

July 21, 2006

rachels busness is in the toilett

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July 19, 2006

rachel is an entrapenoor

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July 2, 2006

jerkey is good

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I have learned their is such a thing called jerkey we went to aparty the oterh ngiht and a nice ladey fed me pieces of jerkey and combos. combos are good to, but jerkey is the best!!!!! HAY do you have any jerkey? chek yer pokets

June 22, 2006

yes! I conisder myself a gormay

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Somteims I liek to enyoj a nice staek with brandie souss and a soviyawn blank, and somtiems I liek a nice chiken parmashaun, and someteims I liek a dirty donut that I find on teh naybors lawn. Delcious!

June 10, 2006

lazey saturday

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me and Rachel liek to sleep in on Saturdays, and Sundays, and Teusdays, and most every otehr day too. we hav vary active livestyels so its ok.